3D Laser Foot Scanner

3d foot scanner

The 3D laser scanner delivers great benefits for the clinical and biomechanical analysis of the feet. Due to innovative 3D scanning technology, the device proves extremely useful, efficient and accurate. The scanner provides quick data acquisition, taking on average 4 seconds to obtain a single scan. It is highly accurate, taking tens of thousands of measurements/second to generate a precise image of the foot.


The 3D technology allows the production of customized and perfectly-fitted devices via integration software. The files are small and emailed instantaneously, which expedites the manufacturing process and reduces your orthotic turn-around times. The 3D Scanner is a great alternative to traditional, tiresome and messier methods like plaster casts and foam. The 3D Laser Scanner encompasses the same accuracy as plaster and the speed of foam impressions. As it is true 3D technology, it is recognized by Regulatory Colleges as well as third party health insurance providers.

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