achilles tendon

Achilles Tendonitis / Retro-Calcaneal Bursitis

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What is it?



The Achilles tendon is vital in normal walking but is not well designed to heal itself once injured due to a limited supply of blood. Often, the Achilles tendon becomes strained, injured, inflamed and painful at its insertion into the heel bone. When this occurs, pain and swelling interfere with normal walking. If left untreated, Achilles injuries can become debilitating.

The Achilles tendon can become injured due to mechanical gait imbalances, excessive forces involved with impact sports or simply chronic tightness and weakness with aging.

MBS (Magnetic Bio-Stimulation) laser therapy, anti- inflammatory medication (topical and oral) aimed at reducing any inflammation and pain. Prescription orthotic devices are used to stabilize the Achilles tissue to prevent re-injury.