Arthritis & Joint Pain

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Over time our bones lose their protective covering known as cartilage and when cartilage wears down, bones rub directly on each other resulting in pain, stiffness and swelling. This becomes significantly uncomfortable when large joints like the Ankle or big toe are affected. If you are experiencing stiffness, swelling, or decreased range of motion in your ankle or big toe, you may be suffering from a common form of arthritis known as osteoarthritis. In your feet, this can mean the difference between leading an active healthy lifestyle and walking with restricted mobility.

Mechanical stress with body’s insufficient ability to repair itself is the primary cause of OA. Mechanical stress from misalignments of bones caused by congenital or pathogenic causes; mechanical injury; excess body weight; loss of strength in the muscles supporting a joint; and impairment of peripheral nerves.

Injection therapy, or MBS (Bio-stimulation Therapy) is used for reducing toe inflammation and pain, by restoring proper function and mobility to the joints. Other treatments may also include prescription orthotic devices, topical or oral anti-inflammatory medication.