Calluses & Corns

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What is it?



Calluses are the skins response to excessive pressure and form on areas of skin that, over time, take too much pressure. A corn is a buildup of deep deadened skin that often forms over bony prominences and can become quite painful and chronic if left untreated.

Often a poor foot structure can result in corns due to uneven pressures being taken on specific foot areas instead of more evenly distributed pressures associated with normal foot function. Pressure form improper fitting shoes, commonly high heels and / or tight fitting footwear can also contribute to increased pressure areas often on toes.

Gentle debriding or scraping using a painless skilled sterile scalpel technique often removes calluses and painful corns. Then a thorough pressure analysis or biomechanical assessment is done in order to determine the cause of the corn such that a treatment plan can be implemented to stop the pressured thickened skin form returning. If left untreated, a corn can become quite deep and fibrous in nature resulting in severe pain.