Custom Rx Orthotic Devices

Custom prescription orthotic devices are effectively utilized in Podiatric and rehabilitation medicine. The key principles of Rx custom orthotic therapy are balance and stability, specifically of the body, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet.


Traditional assessment techniques along with state of the art software driven E-Gait Analysis Walkway™ System is used to provide you with comprehensive, quantitative orthotic assessment. Each orthotic device is created specific to each patient, (left vs right foot specific) in order to provide the most functionally appropriate device.


Ongoing follow up is scheduled in order to ensure that your support device is working optimally.


Our Rx custom orthotic devices are fabricated at North America’s leading Podiatric orthotic laboratories.


Our Rx custom orthotic devices are always 3D molded using laser-scanning technology and on occasion, plaster or foam molding is done.

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