Ingrown, Impacted & Damaged Toe Nails

toe nail fungus

What is it?



A toenail becomes ingrown when the corner of the nail grows into the flesh of the toe, causing redness, swelling, and pain. People with curved or thick nails are more susceptible to developing Ingrown toenails. Though common, ingrown toenails can be extremely uncomfortable and if left untreated can become infected.


Toenails are prone to injury, damage and infection. If not attended to, thick, curved, uneven, crumbled, crooked nails can become painful and debilitating.

Ingrown nails could be hereditary in nature, or caused by improper nail trimming, trauma from improper fitting shoes, and previous injury to the foot. Aging also causes uneven growing and thickening of the toenails. These nails can become worse over time and can often cause pain and infection.

Oral and topical medication to clear up the infection, nail trimming, nail re-shaping and often nail surgery to permanently remove the impacted nail border. Nail and soft tissue surgery is done under local anesthetic with minimal pain or recovery time.

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