Sports Medicine of the Lower Extremity

Feet are exposed to high impact forces given the demands of many sporting activities. Running, tennis, soccer, baseball, squash and even fast paced walking all place an enormous amount of force on the feet. Any imbalance in foot structure will ultimately cause strain, inflammation, pain and injury. Often the body will compensate such that the area that is painful is merely taking the forces that the feet cannot tolerate.


Treatments includes assessing your particular sporting activity in relation to your specific foot structure by means of hands on assessment, shoes wear measurements and E-Gait Analysis Walkway™ System. Specific stretching, footwear, medications, therapy, prescription foot orthotic supports and ongoing follow up are essential in recovery and maintenance.


As a marathon runner and a cyclist, Jeff has personal experience both in endurance sports and body biomechanics as well as running shoe fit and design. Patients often derive a deeper sense of confidence knowing, that their specific running problems are better understood by a fellow runner.